Top Sites or Apps like Pinterest for Android, iPhone & PC

If you want to find top sites & apps like Pinterest, you came to the right place, because we are going to provide you with a thorough analysis of Pinterest alternatives and all their features that you can use without any additional issue.

What is Pinterest App & How does it work?

Pinterest App is great social media platform where you can share videos, images, and statutes and follow different categories in order to find some useful content that could help you find about them. It was founded by Evan Sharp, Paul Sciarra, and Ben Silbermann and there are numerous ideas that you will be able to find and to share. It is not the classical social network that makes you stay on your device, but it gives you the inspiration to do what you want out in the open. Instagram is nearly similar photo and video sharing social media app. You can find Instagram Alternatives here. 

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This particular Pinterest Website will give you the possibility to create, explore and discover content that is based on your interest. It is important to understand that Pinterest focuses on visual primarily pictures and short videos, rather than articles, music, or text blogs. The idea is to share and follow content that could be useful.

What is Pin it?

It is a button to upload to a board via the “Pin It” button, which can be downloaded to the bookmark bar on a web browser, or be implemented by a webmaster directly on the website. You can install Pinterest Chrome Pin It or Save button here.

8 Apps Like Pinterest for Android, iPhone & PC

Because Pinterest reached to amazing popularity, today there has been a rise in making similar applications that are perfect for designers, photographers, food lovers and much more. If you want to experience some particular idea, we present you sites like that are similar to Pinterest:

1. DudePins

This particular application is similar to Pinterest, however, it is specifically made for men. The homepage will tell you everything that you want to know about this particular application, and if you are looking for something that could be interesting for you and your friends, this is the application for you. There are much different content that you will be able to browse, and if you are into something that will help you pass the hour, choose this app

It is available only for iOS users, however, you will be able to find online version through the website if you are an Android user.

2. We Heart It

Pinterest is the application that is not based directly for teenagers, however, this particular app certainly is. From the moment you enter the homepage, you will notice that it is perfectly aimed for young boys and girls. There are numerous features that will give you the possibility to follow and discover new people and love other’s pictures, however, it doesn’t have to option of pinning like Pinterest, but it still a great app that is very simple to use and it is particularly popular among younger women.

It is available for both iOS and Android devices and it is very easy to download it and install. Just enter the App Store and everything will be done in a matter of minutes.

3. Dribble

This particular social network is one of the best apps like Pinterest because it has a similar user interface, and if you are a Pinterest lover, this is the perfect app for you. It contains the same small blocks that are updated by different designers, and it also has a huge database of diverse designs for posters, logo, pixels, posters and much more. It is a very active community of designers, where you will be able to find inspiration or to search new trends.

It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

4. FoodGawker

If you are a fan of food pictures, this is the perfect app for you. It functions similar to Pinterest and you will be able to find many different pictures of amazing dishes and recipes that are shared with the entire community. There are numerous categories such as breakfast, vegan, dinner, for starts and much more. You can also find numerous pictures and upload your own.

It is available only for iOS devices, however, you can find the website if you are an Android user and use the same features as on app.

5. PearlTrees

PearlTrees is great alternative to Pinterest, but it doesn’t contain pin and board concept, but it uses tree and pears concept, and it will give you possibility to share different type of content that you can search and write through the platform in order to find the content that you want to follow and put pearls to it. With an archaic user interface and great functions, even though it looks over dated it is a beautiful piece of web design.

PearlTrees have to membership options, one is free of charge, and however, if you choose the premium version for only $2.99 on monthly basis you will be able to enter more features such as more storage, offline mode and no annoying ads.

It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

6. Hometalk

Imagine Pinterest alternative for house décor, yes this application is all about that. There are numerous websites and home projects that you can browse and understand in order to discover new trends and to find inspiration for your own home design and décor. There are numerous categories such as dining room ideas, bedroom ideas and much more. You can choose different features such as gardening, doors, floors, kitchen designs and many more different things that you can use in order to find your own original one. You can upload your own pictures, or browse other ones, and this particular application is great for your imagination and satisfaction.

7. Fancy

If you are a fan of buying fancy items, this particular website is for you.  It will give you the possibility to find different products that are laid on the similar layout as Pinterest. There are numerous gadgets and accessories that are categorized and you will be able to buy that stuff directly from this application without any problem. You don’t need any third party website, and everything is amazing if you have in mind what you can achieve.

It is available only on iOS devices.

8. VisualizeUs

This particular application is about video and photo sharing, and there are numerous features that you can choose in order to share the platform. It is filled with many users and a great community, so when you filter your interest you will be able to find whatever you need without any problem.

It is available only for iOS devices; however, there is a website for Android users that want to browse pictures and videos.

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We have presented you Top Apps like Pinterest and if you have your own suggestion and idea feel free to comment in the section below.

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