10 Best Teamviewer Alternatives – Remote Desktop Software

10 best Teamviewer Alternatives that you can look for your remote desktop activities: Accessing to your documents and files from any other location using any application is great. This Remote Desktop Access is also very handy to help the troubleshooting problems of other people. This is also useful for the developers as it speeds up the deployments. Remote Desktop application is the norm of industrial application.

Teamviewer is one of the most popular remote desktop software. The reason for opting the alternatives would be the lack of security features in TeamViewer. Teamviewer is not reliable at all although the tools are very handy.

10 Teamviewer Alternatives

1. Windows Remote Desktop Connection:

Teamviewer Alternatives

This remote desktop is already built into the Microsoft operating system. It has all the necessary tool for remote desktop application. You can access to Windows Remote Desktop Connection in Control Panel. This is basically for the users who are beginners and wants to get the job done.

2. Real VNC:

Teamviewer Alternatives

There are two versions of Real VNC, one is the free version, and the other is Paid version. As you know, the Paid version will come with more access to more advanced tools.You can expect a reliable connection in Real VNC. You can connect to an individual remote computer and multiple PC using public IP address.

3. Join.me:

Teamviewer Alternatives

Join.me would be the best remote desktop client if you are a businessman and do a lot of meetings. You can set up and meet people from anywhere in the world. You also get an instant screen sharing where you can have a meeting of 250 people if you opt for the paid version.

4. Splashtop:

Teamviewer Alternatives

It is a primary client for a remote desktop application. You can either use it as an individual purpose or for a business like. The free version would be perfect for single use where you can access remotely to files which are on your computer.

5. LogmeIn Pro –

Teamviewer Alternatives

LogMeIn Pro has many key features like file transferring, accessing of local printers and files, etc. It is a premium desktop remote application. It is one of the alternatives for TeamViewer and it suitable for both individual and business-like purpose.

6. UltraVNC:

Teamviewer Alternatives

UltraVNC is another tool from VNC. It is a free tool for a remote desktop client for Windows. It provides all the tools for accessing to other systems files. The setup in UltraVNC is very easy, and you can set yourself up in minutes.

7. Chrome Remote Desktop:

Teamviewer Alternatives

Chrome Remote Desktop is another application which you don’t have to install. This client for remote desktop application is already built in as an extension for Google Chrome Browser. You can access to Chrome Remote Desktop from any running system.

8. WebEx Free:

Teamviewer Alternatives

WebEX Free is a premium remote desktop client, and there are features which are necessary for a task like major meetings. This remote desktop application is free for mobile as well as for desktop. The presenter can share his/her desktop screen in the live chats and Mouse and keyboard can be passed through any of the members.

9. AMMYY Admin:

Teamviewer Alternatives

It is a free desktop access client. AMMY Admin is also good for individual purpose as well as business use. It is not like another heavy app as it comes under 1 MB only. File transfer, Live chats and connecting to other system are found in this AMMYY Admin.

10. Mikogo:

Teamviewer Alternatives

Mikogo is a browser-based desktop client, and it does not need any other plugins or software that needs to be installed. It is also suitable for both individual and business purpose. It is also available for a mobile app which is free of cost. Other features of Mikogo are a multi-users Whiteboard, File transfer, chat and more.

So these were the best alternatives for Teamviewer. Anyone who is looking for remote desktop software like TeamViewer can opt these options written above. Some applications are free, but some are not. So choose as per your opinion. If we missed any option, you could write about it in the comment sections.

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