8 Similar Apps Like Musically to Create Short Video

There is numerous lip syncing sites that are Apps Like Musically and that will give you the possibility to share your short videos through social media and their community. People are asking are there any similar apps to Musically available, with same and maybe better features, and we decided to make an article that will answer you all these questions.

What is Musically?

Musically is entertainment app that will give you the possibility to create, discover and share short videos that are up to 15 seconds long, where you can share whatever you want and what is trending. There are numerous videos available and after your recording, you can manipulate video quality and add different filters and effects that will personalize video that you wanted to share.

Apps Like Musically

The main reason why people are using this particular app is that you will be able to record your favorite songs and create your own lip sync videos with lip sync apps that will be at the same time funny and entertaining. You can share videos privately with other users or publically for all users and your friends.

There are many different features that you can use and that are the main reason for its outstanding popularity.

Best Similar Apps Like Musically

1. WeChat

WeChat is Chinese social media application that was released in 2011 and today it is one of the largest standalone messaging apps with more than 930 millions of users. The most people that use it are Chinese, however, in 2017 it was exported and penetrated on worldwide markets and today it is one of the greatest apps if you want to create your own lip-syncing videos similar to those on Musically.

2. Triller

If you are a fan of making a music video, this particular app is perfect for you because it shares similarities as Musically, however, you will be able to pick whatever song you want and shoot the video, and after you can manipulate video if you want to make it better and approachable. You can do everything with one touch of the button, and the app will give you the possibility to create a music video that you will be able to share with your friends or through social media platforms.

There is also a feature that allows you to share your video among Triller community in order to become famous in these circles.

3. Dubsmash

This is one of the most popular apps like musical.ly where you will be able to create short video clips while using sounds that you personally like. The best thing about this app that makes it better and different than Musically is that you can use all sound that you can find such as movie quotes, noises, songs or whatever you need in order to create a funny video that will become viral.

You just have to choose the sound and record with it, while you dubbing or doing something else that you wanted in the first place.

4. Video Star

Video Star is one of the most popular apps for creating music videos where you are the only star that is available. There are numerous features that will give you the possibility to make best videos and to share them further. With numerous effects, filters, where you will be able to clone yourself or to reverse video, you will be able to create a great and entertaining video that you can send to your family and friends.

You just have to select the song and click to record a video. It is simple as that and for many users; it is a decent alternative to Musically.

5. Fideo

This particular Musically like the app is great if you want to create your own videos and to share it with the world in order to see reactions of others. You will be able to have an access to sounds and songs that you want to use, in their huge database, and as soon as you choose it, you can start recording and instantly share it with your family, friends or publically.

Fideo is not an only video making website, it is a popular community with many users, so you will be able to communicate and share videos with other users.

6. Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular images and short video sharing community where you will be able to create short videos and add numerous filters that will make you look presentable to the wide public because there are millions of people available. You just have to install it and there are many different features like Musically that will make you choose this amazing platform for your own fun and satisfaction.

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Everything you have to do is sync your profile with other ones such as Facebook and you are good to go.

7. VivaVideo

If you are a fan of making and producing videos for your own purposes in order to share it further to your friends, family or publically for recognition, this is the perfect Musically like the app. However, if we compare these two, we can say without any problem, that this particular app has more features for people who are into video production and if you want to create amazing and not amateur-like videos.

You will be able to use multi-capture options, powerful video editor, 200 special effects, photo slideshow and many more features that will make you enjoy while using it.

8. Snapchat

Snapchat is another amazing app that will recommend you all Musically users and it is great because you are able to upload and share videos up to 10 seconds. If you are using their smart goggles Spectacles, you will be able to record and directly upload it instantly, which is a great feature if you want to create videos that are presentable.

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Snapchat has hundreds of millions of users, so your video will have great and huge feedback that will directly tell you are the video that you have made good or not.


We have presented you Apps Like Musically and the main reasons why you need to choose them are their features that will make you breathless.

You can Download Musically iOS App and Android App.

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