Best Reverse Image Search Engines, Apps, Websites

Best Reverse Image Search Engines and Apps | How to Reverse Image Research on iPhone, Android:  In our day to day life, we come across a lot of things which could be either known to us and also which could be unknown to us, of which we have absolutely no idea at all. But not knowing something doesn’t restrict us from knowing about it. Also, a human has this habit of knowing each and everything and is extremely enthusiastic about something new and thanks to technology that we now have Wikipedia where we can know about almost everything. Just type a word and you will be provided with lots of information.

Reverse Image Search

But what about if you randomly come across a picture, and you want to know about it, like what is it what is its use, then what, what are you going to do? Well, don’t worry we have this new feature that is called the reverse image in which you can search for any image, and you will get the information about it, just the opposite of when we used to search image for a word. So, here are some of the Best Reverse Image Online Search engines and applications. So, let’s start with the search engines first.

Reverse Image Search Engines and Websites

Below are the various ways by which you can learn how to reverse image search on google using your phone (Android, iPhone ) or tablet. 

1. Google Image Search Box


As you all know that Google is used by millions and billions of people for search purposes because of its speed and accuracy. Now as Google has launched new features where you can search by uploading an image or a URL to get the information about it, it has become even more simple to use Google for search purposes.

All you have to do is simply head on to google reverse image search chrome and there you will see an image icon, click on it. Now, you will be provided with two options; the first one is ‘Paste image URL’ where you can paste the URL of a picture on which you need to gather information about, and the other one is ‘Uploading an image’ where you can upload a picture from your system. You will get a lot of information about it in few seconds.

2. MyPicGuard

mypicguard-Reverse Image Search

Well, this is quite an excellent reverse image search engine because using this you can find who uses your photograph on the internet at any place without your permission. The process of this is quite simple, all you need is first to sign up for a free account in this.

The free account will be provided with 100 free credits. 100 free credits just mean that you can search any 100 images for absolutely free. After signing up go straight to the scan page, expand the picture and then just click on the scan folder. But for uploading, first, you need to click on the ‘disc’ icon and then choose the location from where it has to be uploaded. Now, as the image has been uploaded just click on ‘Click to Scan’ tab. Note that you only have 100 free credits so use them wisely.

3. TinEye

tin-eye-Reverse Image Search

This was the first website ever created for web-based searching images. It is the most popular and is very frequently used by people. It has searched over 14billion images till date. You can either upload a picture or paste the Url of the picture to find a picture.

The maximum size limit of the uploaded image is 20 MBs, and also it supports PNG, JPEG as well as GIF image formats. This will search for the whole image and not for an object or the person on the picture. This could be very helpful in tracking down the users who use photographs illegally and individuals who have stolen the images. It gives very accurate results, and it searches the web very speedily.

It has various browser extensions for different browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.

4. Yandex

yandex Reverse Image Search

It is the biggest reverse image search engine in Russia and has its tool. It works best in Yandex browser. You can either search for a picture by uploading it from your computer or you can paste a URL of the image.

In both the case, it will give you results within the matter of few seconds, and you can also filter the result according to the size of the image. This search engine is very smooth and ver handly even you can sign up for this free, there won’t be any charges for any search ever so you can say it is so much like Google image will help you in finding fake people who have either stolen the image or use it illegally.

5. Bing Image Match

bing Reverse Image Search

There have not many years passed since Microsoft has launched its very own search engine and soon it has released a new reverse image search engine known as ‘Bing Image Match.’ This is a very satisfying web reverse image search engines but still the contemporary search engines like google’s are way better than this.

Just like all the other search engines you can either upload or paste a URL of the image you want to search. You will get very accurate results from this and also if it fails to find any duplicate image it will still give you results with relevant pictures. It is now available for the iOS devices too, but it is still not available in many countries.

6. Image Raider

image-raider Reverse Image Search

Although this search engine uses the other search engines to give the end results such as Google, Yandex, Bing, etc. what makes this search engine different is its unique features. Mainly you get only two options for providing the images for search process which are either pasting the URL or uploading it.

But here it provides you with multiple options such as you can add a URL of a web page and it will get all the images from that webpage, you can get the picture from XML sitemap and lastly you can even directly get the images from your social media accounts like DeviantArt, etc.

Also, in this fantastic application, you have permission to search for up to 20 images at a time I.e you can do a multiple reverse image search whereas in all the other search engines you can only search for a single image at a time.

Reverse Image Search Mobile

Now, let’s talk about some of the application available for Reverse Image Search iPhone, Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

1. Search By Image

This app mainly works for Android devices. You must be knowing that Google Image Search only operates on the PC, but there is not such feature for a smartphone. So what to do now? Well, you can download this app called Search By Image which works on Android Platform. It works similarly to any other search engine.

All you have to do is simply either paste a URL of an image on which you have to gather some information or you can also directly upload the pictures you want to search, and then this application will provide you all the related information. Note this application uses the google reverse image search android feature of Google on your smartphone.

2. Veracity

This is an app specially designed for iOS. If you are an iOS user, then you must all be knowing that there are not a lot of reverse image search applications available in the iOS app store. There are countable apps present there, and Veracity shines out the most among all of them. Veracity is the best iOS reverse image search because it is very handy and extremely easy to use. It is very speedy, and also you will give satisfactory results.

For examining the images all you need to do is just upload the images either from the Dropbox or your camera roll or even from your photo gallery and you will be provided will all the results. Very simple, isn’t it? Note that though all the features of this application is for free no matter how much you search but you have to pay some money to remove all the apps from the application.3. Google Goggles

3. Google Goggles

This application works best for Android devices. This is one of the best application you can have on your Android smartphone without any doubt.

Although this application uses the same searching procedure in which you have to upload a picture from your gallery to search for the information related to it but what makes this application a stand out is its smart implementation of the algorithm in searching process, the speediness, accuracy, clear interface and results of very high quality.4. Reverse Image Search

4. Reverse Image Search:

This application works in Windows OS. This is the best and advanced application one can have on Windows Phones. You can use your very own favorite search engine which could be Google, TinEye, Yandex, Bing, etc. to find images. Its gives you person to either upload a single picture or full album for search which is a rare feature.

Also, you can paste the Url for any picture in here to search. Also, this application gives you permission to even crop the images before you find it.

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