Repost for Instagram App For Android, iPhone

Repost for Instagram App For Android, iPhone: Instagram is a fun social networking app for posting media files. In today’s world, you would hardly find anyone not using it as it has become a part of our daily lives. Sharing pictures and videos of happenings around you or images and videos you like with the world is something fun, and Instagram is a perfect medium for that. But a limitation of the app is that you can just post your media files and can’t share it.

Repost for Instagram App

Repost for Instagram App

When we see a post we like, we tend to have the desire to share it. In Twitter you can Retweet posts, in Facebook, you can Share it, but Instagram does not give that option. Users cannot share other’s posts in their profile like you can do in other social networking mediums like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Hence a lot of users have been using a screenshot to repost posts. However, you can now repost using the repost Instagram app which comes in a handy. Using the app users can repost a picture or video they liked which someone else posted while giving credits to the owner. The process is easy and straightforward.

We will be talking about how to install and use the app, however, let’s go into the features first. First of all the app is free and users can use it as much as they want. A feature of this app is that it attaches watermark or credits of the person you are reposting it from.

This ensures that credit is given to the person who originally posted the upload. You can also edit the watermark. Another feature of the app is that you can add filters and your captions and comments before reposting the picture or video.

There is also an option for in-app purchase for upgrading it to the premium version. This allows you to remove watermark or credits in the picture and report the image. The premium version also removes ads for users who use the app.

Repost App For iOS:

The steps are simple. Follow them as given below:

  • Click on the following link which will lead you to App Store:
  • Install the app.
  • Open the app and log in with your Instagram account.

Repost Instagram For Android:

The steps are similar to iOS users. Here you need to download the app from Play Store:

  • Click on the link below which will lead you to Play Store:
  • Install the app and open it.
  • Login to your Instagram account.

How do you Repost on Instagram:

You can repost videos on Instagram with Pictures. After logging in the following procedure can be used. Users have to go to their Instagram app and choose the picture they want to repost.

  • Click on the option available at the top right side of the screen represented by three vertical dots. It gives you various options.
  • Click on Copy Share URL
  • Go back to the repost app or click on the app which appears in the notification panel.

In the app, the picture you want to repost will be available. If you have selected several images to repost, all of them will be there in the app. Amongst these chose the one you want to repost.

After clicking the desired image, you will be led to a screen where you can edit the watermarks. Here you have the choice to edit where you want the watermark to be placed- either top right, top left, bottom right or bottom left.

You can also choose to make the watermark light or dark. The options are given at the bottom. The fifth option is for premium users which allow you to remove the watermark and repost the post.

Click on “Repost” button. Now you can write your caption or comments. The rest of the procedure is similar to posting a picture on Instagram. You edit the image with filters available and also add captions.

After you are satisfied with the picture, post it as you normally would.

Repost for Instagram app is user-friendly which enables users to get used to the app at one go. So try out this app and repost as much as you want.

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