Top Four File Manager App For Your Windows Phone

According to news, Microsoft is introducing the file manager facility in the windows phone 8.1 in its latest update in the month of June 2014. There are lots of file manager applications available for your windows phone that will surely help you to easily manage your documents, music, videos and files.

File Manager App for Windows Phone

While windows mobile have lots of file managers, so you can choose the best one carefully. Choosing the perfect file manager app is not an easy task, because few of them do not suit your requirements. To eliminate the difficulties, the article comes with top four best rate file manager app and its reviews. While speaking about Filebox, File explorer and Aerize explorer, these are the most popular apps that allow you to manage your mobile in a proper manner.  Microsoft also introduced an updated version of official and reliable windows phone 8.1 that will has features such as file manager known as “Files”.

File Manager App for Windows Phone 1

File Manager App For Windows Phone

1. Aerize Explorer:

This Aerize Explorer is one of the user friendly and advanced file manager available for your windows phone. It works with the latest windows phone 8.1. This can easily and quickly manage your folders, storage cards, folders and files with ease. The specialized app includes lots of attractive features including:


  • Add a fresh folder, cut, paste, copy and rename files
  • You can easily move folders and files between your SD card and device
  • You can view folder and file properties
  • Pin folder and files to the Start Screen
  • View multiple views, selection mode and thumbnail view

2. File Explorer:

The File Explorer is another important app that is top on this list. The specialized app is highly preferred file manager application available in the windows phone store. The main features of this app are:


  • View the commonly used documents with this app, such as PDF documents, phones, zip files, eBook, office documents and videos.
  • It consists of built-in music player, picture browser and video player that can provide an ideal real experience, and this team released an excellent app know as Good Read in order to assist you read the ebook.
  • This app has Wi-Fi file transfer facility that can easily synchronize your PC files to mobile isolated storage. This is extremely helpful when you do not insert SD card.
  • Connect phone, cloud, SD card and computer. While speaking about Good Explorer, it is an existed app that grants transferring files or documents within them.
  • It has Skydrive integration that allows managing the Skydrive cloud files. Along with this, it also helps you to easily upload the isolated or SD card files to this Skydrive.
  • File encryption that can protect your documents from any invalid access.

3. FileBox:

Filebox is an unofficial dropbox option for your windows phone. It has several features such as:


  • You can move, delete, copy and view files in your dropbox
  • Download and open images from your dropbox
  • Upload phones by sharing from image hub
  • View account details and get a referral link
  • View all file details
  • Security password
  • Search files or documents in Dropbox

4. File Explorer Plus:

This is a specialized app that satisfies the purpose of having an effective manager for the windows phone 8. File Explorer plus also works effectively in the windows phone 8.1. It is not very cool in case of user interface and good design. This app has may features like:


  • Access the song & delete if you lie
  • Manage application local storage
  • Access your image

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