Why Facetime not Working while making calls?

Why Facetime not Working while making calls?: There are so many apple devices like iPad, iPhone, Mac on which your Facetime may not work. That’s why you go and search on Google for why is my facetime not working. Sometimes it may not work for certain contacts. The problem of facetime not available is very shared by users. If you have recently bought iPhone then facetime also not working for iPhone 6 due to software update. 

As Facetime mostly used for Video calls hence facetime camera not working issue also comes for all apple devices which may be solved easily by following below steps.

Facetime not Working

A video that benefits to some degree like Skype and Google Hangouts that makes it conceivable to direct one-on-one video calls between more current Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac notepads and desktops. Apple’s FaceTime administration is allowed to utilize however requires an Apple ID and a Wi-Fi association, albeit future renditions of FaceTime may likewise work more than 3G as well as 4G connections. As Facetime app is not available for windows and android (facetimeforandroid.co) platform hence an ios user can connect an ios user only with the help of facetime app. 

A few applications are right now accessible that make FaceTime over a 3G association conceivable on a jailbroken iPhone.

In the wake of using your facetime app, you may come to some situations where you are unable to use the app hence we here provide you with some of the main reasons for such situation and also their solutions which are as mentioned below-

Why Facetime not Working

  • The first primary reason which may cause the facetime not to respond may be that the facetime app had not started or it’s not enabled. For this go to the app settings and search for facetime and slide the button on turning it green.
  • One of the another reason which can cause the facetime not to work is that either you have not linked your contact number or the email address to your facetime account without which you will not be able to contact with people, nor they can contact you.
  • Third among the reasons can be of connectivity issues. Make sure that if you are using ios 4 or 5 then use facetime via wifi connection because video calls require higher bandwidth for connectivity.
  • The most important thing is that your ios device needs to be connected to a network which is the foremost essential thing to use facetime.
  • Make sure that the person you are going to call on the facetime also have the facetime app and don’t use the older ios versions which may lead to interruptions, or even the call may not connect to the person.
  • One reason can be that either of you or your mate o whom you are trying to call may have blocked one of you because of which you are unable to reach each other. Hence just check it out if there exist such a scenario.

Facetime Unavailable- What this happens?

When it says “FaceTime Unavailable or Facetime Failed” and still rings and stays on ‘Connecting” but doesn’t actually connect. This may happen if you switch countries and then use Facetime. Sometimes this issue comes automatically regardless of Country. In this case, you can leave it as it is or reinstall.

Other tips if you haven’t done below setting:

  • Go to settings> FaceTime> select your US phone number is there and activated alongside with your Apple ID.
  • Also, check in cellular settings if FaceTime is turned on to use cellular data for FaceTime. You can toggle on and off and on.
  • When that’s done, reboot your device, then initiate the call again.

Facetime not working for iPad or iPhone

Facetime not working for iPad

  • When this issue comes to you then one of the main reasons will be your device needs an update. So ensure, that the software on all your iOS and Mac OS X devices are up-to-date. That’s why sometimes facetime not working on mac also.
  • Make your Facetime App on your iPhone, iPad or Mac is switched on in settings and you have given access to the internet. As sometimes we switch off data access to some apps to save Data.
  • You must sign into Facetime with same Apple Id you have logged in on iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  • Check that the time and date are set correctly on all of the devices. Open System Preferences on a Mac, and click on Date & Time.

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