3 Best Skype Alternatives for PC, Android for Video Calling in 2017

Are you tired of using Skype? If Yes, you must need to check our 3 Best Skype Alternatives for 2017 below. Skype has been all time favorite for the user who prefers video calling. It is best video calling app supported by each device. It was as far the best application for connecting people sitting in other nation, handling meetings worldwide through conference calls. But nowadays there is more app being introduced which works better than Skype, they have added features installed in them and support high-quality chat.

Skype Alternatives

This substitute works well in any device PC, Android or IOS for video calling around the country on a tap. Best features that would make other apps as a replacement to Skype are, that it should be supported by each device, it can be easily switched to another device, in any case, your device is not working you can continue through another device. It should not be specifically bounded for video calling it should also support texting with other features as well.

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It should have an interface which let you work instantly when it comes to sharing of documents. It should not cost much when you make the call on landlines. The major factor is it should be safe and secure so that other user cannot know your details or work details.

These Alternatives to Skype video calls saves your chats even after you delete the application unlike Skype, its desktop version has already stopped working, so people are looking for better applications and these can be surely one of the best content related to substitutes for Skype supported by every device.

3 latest app which is being used by the maximum user in 2017 instead skype, as these 3 applications give better output try out soon.

Best Free Skype Alternatives to use for Video Calling in 2017


Google Hangouts works good, or even better as Skype it has authentic features which would make your video voice calling amazing, it synchronizes all your contacts with your Gmail account. Best feature is it is supported by all the device. Not only this you can use this application in multiple tools after signing into any device of your choice. It keeps all your chats and data secure and can sync your data whenever you switch to any other device. Apart from voice calling and video calling, I give you the additional option of testing using a vast variety of emoticons, you can easily share photos, gifs, videos or locations. You can make groups and chat to as many people you want at a time. And can even make conference calls.

This is supported by Google account and applied with minimal charges when you make calls which are totally worthy of it, as it ensures your security. Ow, you must go and install this and invite your friends to hangout. Installing this app is completely free.

This is best Skype alternative for Android devices if you want to use for mobile.

Hangout for Android | Google Hangout for Web PC

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It is video calling skype ‘s twin, which works more or less in a similar way but has some added features in it. this is specially designed for the businessman’s so that their work becomes easier. It comes with 30  days free trial and is available for Windows, Mac as well as Android. You can attend meetings through any browser now.

It is synced to all your device every time hence makes switching devices very quick. It allows people to talk over texts which are supported by numerous emoticons, which can easily tell you the status of your text read, sent or unread. You can also share your files over text. Chat history is always in access if in case your important data is lost. 

HD voice calling features that allow maximum 16 people at a time on desktop and 8 on any mobile devices. It has enabled its noise cancellation setting which let you hear each word clearly from another end. You can attend online meetings, share the presentation on the screen, reschedule your meetings and can even attend meetings through InN calling feature, it helps you record your meetings for further ease. Security is its prime agenda and has an end to end encryption feature with services of laws which is most secure.

For Android | For Web PC

3. WEBEX: 

It is another best tool that you can always opt for as an alternative to Skype, yes it is supported in all the devices, whether it be Windows, IOS or Android.  This is available on the free basis it doesn’t cost you and works effectively. It does conferences video calling with HD quality.

It also offers paid plan which gives license to 8 members to be in the meeting. Its authentic features will shock you right this moment. It allows high-quality video as well as audio. It has really easy interface which allows you to share file documents picture with no compromise in quickly.

It helps you highlight the important parts of the document, you can make a normal call with call me feature during the meeting and this is not enough it gives more useful features, download it and start your journey.

For Android | For Web PC

These are the exciting device friendly app which will let you work effectively, enjoy your meetings without the fear getting late and on a single tap.

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