7 Similar Apps like Flipagram & its Alternative

Apps like Flipagram & its Alternative: It is a very widely used photo application and almost every person has it on their phones. But as not all people have the same choice, so some people consider downloading some of its alternatives which satisfy them. so, here is the list of 7 apps which are the alternatives to Flipagram.

It is an app to create hot videos with embedded music in it. This app has various fun challenges like dance, art, comedy, music and more where you can feature yourself and become famous. There are 40 million tracks available to choose for your video. Flipagram is available for Android, iPhone & Windows Phone.

7 Similar Apps like Flipagram

1. Instagram

Apps like Flipagram

This is a very popular alternative of flipagram and currently is the most used application even leaving Facebook behind. Now, almost every single person is on Instagram and uses it to upload pictures and videos daily. You can create your own collage and share it with your friends and families. This application offers you a large number of layouts for your photo collage as well as some beautifully elegant filters.

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2. Photo Grid- Collage Maker and FX Editor

Apps like Flipagram

You all have must use this app in your life once. There are over 100 M fans of it already. People basically use this application for making a collage of their beautiful collection of pictures and then share it on different social media sites. You can even beautify your ordinary pictures of you with its amazing and elegant filters. Even you can add stickers and text to your pictures to make it more alive. This is one of the best alternatives to Flipagram that you can download and install on your smartphone.

3. Pic collage- Photo Editor and card templates

Apps like Flipagram

This is a very popular alternative to Flipagram which has over 90 M fans from all around the world. This application has the coolest layouts and filters which can transform your ordinary pictures to a bombshell. You can some real sexy stickers and some cool funky fonts with some of the cute cut-outs which can further beautify your collage or images. After adding these stickers and filters you can make a collage of a whole new level.

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4. PicPlayPost – Video Collage Maker

Apps like Flipagram

This is top paid application in more than 40 countries which is a huge success for any application. The only negative is that it is paid so not everyone can have the experience of this application otherwise it is so simple that you will fall in love with the simplicity of it. This application gives you the most simple and easy way to capture all of yours cherishable moments in pictures, GIFs, videos, and music. You can even make a collage of your pictures.

5. Pic Stitch

Apps like Flipagram

You will never regret downloading this application as an alternative to flipagram as this application was ranked among the top 7 photo applications of all time by Mashable as well as this application is considered in top 100 application of all time. This app will combine all of your beautiful pictures and make a very elegant collage of it which will leave you amazed and very impressed. This application features some very powerful effects for which you all will go crazy. You will have a lot of features in it then you can expect and you can share your collage and picture on various social media websites.

6. InstaCollage- Instant Collage Maker & Photo Editor & FX Editor FREE

Apps like Flipagram

This has over 30 M fans from all around the world. This is one of the best Flipagram alternatives which you can install on your smartphone. You will be amazed by the layouts which it offers for a photo collage. You can make 2D as well as 3D collages here within this application. This application features some very unique layouts and filters for your pictures and collage. You can caption every photo which you click to add a memory to it in words. You can share all the collages and picture made through this application on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc. This application is free only for a very limited time so download it on your phone before it becomes paid.

7. FrameUrLife- Picture Collage + Photo Collage

Apps like Flipagram Apps like Flipagram

You can frame some charitable and memorable moments of your life with the help of this application which is a great alternative to Flipagram. This application offers frames of different shapes, sizes, colour etc. and also you will be offered a lot of amazing filters which can further beautiful all your pictures individually. You can share those collages and pictures you have made through this application on various social media platforms.

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