10 Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone

10 Free Movie Apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone: Watching movies were never really easy before. There are lots of apps for Android which gives you the ability to watch movies and TV Shows online. Watching movies and TV shows on your smartphone is very handy and convenient as you don’t have to go where your TV is you just have to be where you are comfortable and watch a movie on your Android Smartphone.

Free Movie Apps

Today in this article we will be looking at Top 10 best apps to stream movies online. I’ve reviewed each and every app, and the list will be according to my review.Those apps which are not available on Google Play store, you can download the apk file on the internet and install it on your Android smartphone.

Free Movie Apps

1. Showbox:

Showing is one of the best Android apps to watch free movies and TV Shows online. Showbox is a great android app to watch movies. Showbox is also very popular as this app is used by millions of people. You can stream overloads of movies and TV shows for Free. You can download movies on your SD card so that you can watch your downloaded files offline. Showbox is not available on Play store but you can download the apk file of Showbox from one of the many sites on the internet.

2. Cinema box –

Cinema Box is just as same as Showbox as per the features of Free Movie Apps. But the user interface is slightly better on Showbox.You can get High-quality audio and video movies to stream and you can watch movies and TV shows offline by downloading it. You can Chromecast your Cinema box contents via Google Chromecast. You will be able to watch Movies and TV shows on a bigger screen.

3. Megabox HD –

Megabox HD is one of the latest free movie apps to watch movies online. Megabox is sure in this competition because it gives you lots of contents. Megabox HD has lots of contents including movies, anime and TV shows in the high quality. Favorite movies and TV shows can also be found in Megabox HD.

4. Viewster –

Viewster is just like any other online movies watching app. The app itself is good as it provides some latest and popular movies. Not all that, you can watch movies and TV shows in high definition. The user experience is also great you don’t have to tap many buttons to reach to the film that you want to watch. Movies and TV shows are 2 – 3 steps away.

5. Bobby Movie Box –

Bobby Movie Box is more popular on iOS platform as compared to Android. Android users have more options to choose from that’s why they use other online movie streaming app. Bobby Movie Box has all the High Definition contents to enhance your user experience. You can watch each and every movie for free. Bobby Movie box does not charge any cost for viewing its contents. Bobby Movie Box provides its users a very impressive user interface with beautiful app design. The app has a very friendly user interface. The thing which annoys its users is the Add in Bobby Movie Box.

6. Crackle –

Crackle has some amazing features like supporting of SmartTvs where you can watch Movies in Crackle. Also, players are encouraged, and it works fine with Crackle app. You can connect to supported streaming players and Smart TVs to get the best out of Crackle contents or if you don’t feel like watching movies on TV then you can only use the crackle app on your Android smartphone. There is an iPhone version of Crackle also which works with ease, and there’s no need of logging but you can logging if you want to do so.

7. Newest Movies HD –

Newest Movies HD App is great and is quite popular on both Android and iOS platform. Newest Movies HD updates its contents regularly so that you can be the first to watch new movies. Another thing Newest Movies HD provide is the cartoon materials that kids will enjoy.

8. Yidio:

Yidio is one of those apps which are hard to get and hard to experience it because this app is available only in few devices. Yidio provides you a high-quality streaming service which you would enjoy. You can also filter the movies such as genre, MPAA rating, and source, etc. Yidio has a great user experience as the design of the app is straightforward and easy to navigate around.

9. Popcornflix –

Popcornflix has all the features that an essential Free movies streaming app has like streaming movies, downloading movies for offline watching and option to watch and download movies in high quality. The app home screen does an excellent job in displaying and highlighting favorite films. You can search movies as per what type of movies you want to watch like romantic, comedy and drama, etc. You can get the description about the Free Movie Apps also.

10. Tubi TV –

Tubi TV has its desktop version. The smartphone version of Tubi TV might not be as good as the Tubi TV for desktop, but it gets the job done by providing some important features that you would need in online movies streaming app. There are different types of movies available in TubiTv like drama, comedy, action, and Romantic, etc. The streaming service in TubiTv is not that good that’s why this app is in the last spot in this list.

There could be an endless list for this because there are other online movies watching apps out there which are respectably good. So if you know any other apps which are good for streaming movies online then be sure to comment about it below.

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