14 Similar Apps Like VShare and Its Alernatives – without Jailbreak

Are you looking for Similar Apps like Vshare? Don’t worry we have shared the collection of Vshare alternatives for Android & iOS devices. If you don’t know about Vshare check official website appvsharedownload.net ? Let me help you to know some details about this app.

It is an app market from where you can download cracked Android, iOS(iPhone & iPad) new apps and games for free. This is the alternative for most popular Installous software. This app allows you to quickest and one-click app install. 

Apps Like VShare

In case you are facing difficulty in installing Vshare app, you can use i-FunBox app to install Just launch iFunbox and connect your iOS device. Go to the iFunbox Classic tab, click the Install App button, then browse for the vShare IPA file. This should install vShare to your iPhone without any problem. Link to official vShare Market site – Here

Apps Like VShare without Jailbreak

1. Appcake

Apps Like VShare

It is the top app when it comes to apps like vshare. This app is available for jailbroken iOS devices. So keep in mind that you need to jailbreak your phone to use this one. But once you get it done you can download Appcake and get a bunch load of apps which you can download for free. This one can install cracked IPA files too.

2. Zeusmos

Apps Like VShare

This app is another great alternative to v share. It allows users to install any app of their choice and also share it with friends! The good thing is that you can use this app on android as well as ios devices. For Zeusmos it is not compulsory to jailbreak your device. However, if your phone is jailbroken, it will still work just fine.

3. iFunBox

Apps Like VShare

It is a File and app management tool mainly for ios devices.However, this is one which you can easily use for PC as well as Mac. So with i-funbox, your apps do not have to be limited to your handheld device. You can, in fact, get them on Windows for free

4. 25PP

Apps Like VShare

This app has its origin in China and thus the language is Chinese. Even though the app itself is great, there is no way to overcome the language barrier by means of any translator. Most users just rely on their ‘intuitive’ skills to guess what’s going on and proceed like that. Do not worry if it will work on your phone or not, because most probably it will.


Apps Like VShare

Another interesting entry on this list is iPASTORE which is designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It allows it users to download and install apps directly from their official website.

6. AppAddict

Apps Like VShare

Now this one – Appaddict is different from the others in the sense that it is not an app in its basic sense. It is actually an application meant for desktop use and it was designed as such. However, you can download and use it on your phone too!

7. HipStore

 Apps Like VShare

If you want a store which can be easily used on android as well as ios platforms, then Hipstore app store is a great match for you! You won’t even need to jailbreak for this app which is more than anyone could ask for. It has a very vast app collection which you will realize when you start using it!

8. Aptoide

Apps Like VShare

This app store contains all the apps that you can ever think of! That alone is reason enough to consider this app as a replacement for v share. Another thing you might like about this app is that it is almost ad free which makes the users experience quite good.

9. Kuaiyong

Apps Like VShare

Another much-admired app is Kuaiyong and it is said to be one of the best of its category. It is very widely used and is downloaded and used by hundreds regularly. It does not even require you to jailbreak your phone!

10. Mevvy

Apps Like VShare

This is one app which you can rely on if you want to find the best and most popular free apps because Mevvy has it all. It can be used on practically any device that you own and that’s what makes it so amazing.

11. iTongPush

Apps Like VShare

This app is an excellent choice for downloading and installing a number of cool apps. It is considered to be one of the easiest and safe apps to use if you are looking for a fantastic alternative to vshare.

12. AppTracker

Apps Like VShare

Next, we have App tracker which gives its users cracked apps for all ios devices – iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. AppTracker claims to provide ‘intelligent application lifestyle management’ and is a good choice for those users who have already jailbroken their phones.

13. Mob IPA Site

Apps Like VShare

Behold! If there was one app we could not exclude from this list, then it was this one. It is assumed that this app has the greatest number of apps of them all! It seems to even have separate app sections for java and android devices.

14. AppCola

We come to the last app like vshare but not the least alternative option which is App cola. It is a great app to help you to get access to the most popular and widely used apps.


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